'Cabaret' Stage Make Up | Costuming by Ditto Dancewear

Posted on 11 July 2016

Makeup for your next Cabaret routine!

~ As featured in Dancetrain Magazine ~

Step 1: PREP!

Start with a clean canvas. Apply Kryolan HD Primer evenly over the face. Then apply a layer of the TV Paintstick and buff it out with a buffing brush or beauty pod. This will give the skin and smooth flawless finish. Set with a translucent powder.

Step 2: EYES!
Apply Kryolan eye primer over the entire eyelid. Then apply a neutral shadow over the lid. Using sticky tape or medical tape, cut small piece (3cm or there about) and place on the outer corner of the eye, diagonal toward the hairline.

Step 3: EYES!
Using Kryolan HD Cream Liner in “Ebony”, take a small brush and draw a line along the lash line and over the tape. Once dry, peel the tape off carefully. You should be left with a sharp wing.

Step 4: EYES & LIPS!
Apply mascara and false lashes if needed.
Using a red lip pencil, line the lips and fill lips in slightly. Apply a bold red lipstick over the top to finish.


Dancetrain Magazine - Performing Arts Auditions Issue July/August 2016

Model: Anno Shimzu from The Conlan College wears Costume from Ditto Dancewear and makeup by Kryolan Australia.


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