Dancing Through Strength

DANCING THROUGH STRENGTH was founded by Tamara Freeman in November 2013. Tamara has been a Dancer for 15 years, 5 of those years she studied at the prestigious Australian Ballet School in Melbourne in addition to travelling internationally to ABT (SAB School of American Ballet) and The Canadian National Ballet School.


Since 2013 Tamara has helped 1000's of dancers both nationally and internationally via one on one coaching, workshops / seminars and through the popular DTS online programs!


Phone: 0423 176 096

Address: 61 Milburn Street, Chermside West

Website: www.dancingthroughstrength.com

Facebook PageClick Here


What can you expect to improve on?


- Core Strength allowing freedom of movement

- Mind to Muscle connection

- Getting back onto pointe after an ankle injury

- Mind to Muscle Connection

- Foot articulation and lower leg strength 

- Sustained Balance

- Isolation 

- Deeper sense of body awareness / connection

- Stability and control

- Pirouettes

- Fouettes

- Allegro 

- Grand Allegro 

- Developpes

- Flexibility 

- Pointe Work

- Enhancement as a dancer

- Confidence

- Recovery Injury Prevention

- Dancer Nutrition

- Master your pre-warm up for class, rehearsals and performances

- Advanced Technique

- Understanding your INDIVIDUAL body

- Dancer Body Maintenance 

- Injury Prevention 

- Recovery 

- Sustaining your body for a LONG Successful Career

- Optimal Dancer Elite Nutrtion


  Other services

- Exam / Performance Prepartation Guide

- Dancer Nutritional Guidelines

- Meal Plan Template

- Optimal Nutrition Guide for Dancers - Elite Level




Advanced Diploma in Dance

Certificate III & IV in Dance
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
First Aid and CPR

Personal Training Insurance and member of Australian Fitness Network

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