The Balanced Dancer

Based in Brisbane, Australia, The Balanced Dancer offers customised and specialised dance coaching and choreography for all ages in a variety of dance styles, including jazz, tap, lyrical, ballet, contemporary and hip hop dance in the comfort of one-on-one private dance lessons.



Whether you want to perfect the art of dance, achieve fitness in a fun way, or simply learn how to dance by a qualified dance coach and choreographer, no matter your age, The Balanced Dancer brings decades of experiences to provide a tailored and holistic dance experience for every student.

The Balanced Dancer centres its philosophy on encouraging balance in three aspects - life, career and dance. We adopt a holistic approach to learning. Unlike the standardised style of teaching offered in a traditional dance school which generally caters for a large number of students at any given time, The Balanced Dancer provides coaching and mentoring which tailors the dance experience to each individual dancer and their particular needs and requirements.

Whether you are an advanced dance student looking to maximise your dancing experience and further develop your technique and performance standards, or a beginner in dance and seeking the comfort of learning in a one-on-one environment before plunging into group dance classes, The Balanced Dancer will guide you every step of the way.

The Balanced Dancer is pleased to offer a wide range of personalised services to assist with your dance journey, no matter your age and level of experience, including:

  • Tailored private and group dance coaching to aspiring and passionate dancers of all ages in a variety of dance styles, including jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop/street styles

  • Specialist dance coaching for intermediate to advanced dancers dedicated to assist with, and develop, technique and performance standards for any purpose, including auditions, formal examinations and competition choreography

  • Wedding dance choreography and private wedding dance lessons with a unique edge (we can incorporate different dance styles in the one dance for an unforgettable event)

  • Corporate group dance fitness classes to encourage health, fitness and fun for you, your staff and your colleagues

  • Unique choreography for dance competitions, dance events or for that fun dance you have always wanted to learn

  • Mentoring to dancers of all types and ages, whether they are thinking about starting dancing, having second thoughts about whether they should continue dancing, or contemplating a career in dance

Unlike traditional dance schools where students are limited to learning dance in one suburb, The Balanced Dancer is flexible in conducting coaching sessions at a location that is mutually convenient to both student and teacher within the Brisbane region, whether this is near your current dance studio, work or residence. The Balanced Dancer is pleased to be offering services at Back Door Studio annexed to Ditto Dancewear in Chermside West since 2016.

Through our wide network of various dance spaces around Brisbane, you can spend less time rushing to your private dance session and more time getting the most out of your dance journey with us.

 Please contact The Balanced Dancer today to arrange a suitable learning location for your dance lessons.

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