The Bejeweler Down Under is the premier applicator for working with hot-fix crystals. You'll never have to worry about ironing on hot-fix crystals again!

The Bejeweler comes with 8 screw in applicator tips and cater for the most popular sized hot-fix crystals: 2mm, 2½mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 7mm (round shapes). If you have a different sized or shaped crystal, you can use the flat spot applicator tip.

Each tip is recessed, allowing the hot-fix crystal to be easily picked up by the Bejeweler Down Under, heated and placed onto the surface of your project without burning the surface. If a crystal gets stuck in the tip, simply use a pin, needle or tweezers in the slots on the side of the tip to prize the crystal free. The crystal can still be reused.

The handle has been designed to allow the Bejeweler Down Under to be held like a pencil, allowing for prolonged use of the tool. The handle remains cool and protects you from the heated tip.

The Bejeweler Down Under comes with an Australian plug, so there is no need to worry about converter plugs and is safe for 240v power, no adapters are necessary.

How to use the Bejeweler Down Under:

  • Screw in the desired sized tip into the Bejeweler Down Under when the tool is cool.
  • Turn on the Bejeweler Down Under at the power source and wait a few minutes for the tool to heat.
  • Place the hot-fix crystals with the glue side down.
  • Pick up the hot-fix crystal by guiding the tip over the top of the crystal and dabbing down. The crystal will slot into the tip.
  • Hold the Bejeweler Down Under upside down so that you can see the hot-fix crystal inside the tip. When the glue in the middle of the hot-fix crystal starts to bubble, the crystal is ready to be applied to the project.
  • Dab the Bejeweler Down Under onto the surface of the project and gently pull away. The glue on the back of the crystal will hold the crystal in place.

If you are using the flat spot tip, follow the first 2 bullet points above. Then place the crystal onto the surface of the project where you want the crystal to hold onto. Hold the flat spot tip on the top of the hot-fix crystal, allowing the heat to be transfered through the crystal and heat the glue onto the project surface. How long to hold the crystal in place will depend upon how thick the hot-fix crystal is, but the key point is hold it long enough for the glue in the centre of the hot-fix crystal to become fluid enough to bind onto the project surface.

The Bejeweler features:

  • Design patented soft handle maximizes productivity while preventing operator fatigue and discomfort.
  • Short nozzle allows provides the ultimate precision placement
  • 8 Rhinestone tips - 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and hot spot
  • Hot Spot tip for applying all other size / shape hot fix embellishments. This is very useful if you have laid out a design already on fabric. The Hot Spot can simply be pressed on the top of the crystals and it will heat the glue fixing the crystals without picking them up.
  • Stand for resting the bejeweler
  • Flared tip on handle helps prevent fingers from touching heated metal 


  • The tips used by the Bejeweler Down Under do get hot. Turn off the Bejeweler Down Under at the power source and wait for the tips to cool down before unscrewing them or placing the Bejeweler Down Under in any storage bags.
  • Always have responsible adult supervision if the Bejeweler Down Under is being used by children.
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