Ballerina Buddies Keyring - Lucy Llama

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The Ballerina Buddies are so soft and tender with a cute look in their little tutu’s,  you can hang them anywhere you like. They are made of a soft and silky polyester fur and feather soft polyester fiber stuffing.

Lucy Llama is very colourful and comes with varying shades of pink and purple across her fur. These will be picked randomly and we can't guarantee a particular shade. 

Toy material is non-allergic, non-toxic, colour safe and can be cleaned with a sponge and warm water. Being only 3.5 inch (9cm) tall – they are the prefect addition to any bag or keying.

8 characters to choose from each with a name and date of birth. Start your collection now.

Also available in 15cm Plush toys.

Our 8 characters are
  • Holly Hippo's Birthday is      27-10-15
  • Rachel Rabbit's Birthday is   19-05-15
  • Cheeky Chicken's Birthday is 05-02-19
  • Ellie Elephant's Birthday is     22-04-19
  • Trixie Turtle's Birthday is         09-10-19
  • Sparklez Unicorn's Birthday is 22-01-19
  • Georgia Giraffe's Birthday is 22-01-20
  • Lucy Llama's Birthday is 29-12-20
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