DeMert Wig Herbal Wig and Synthetic Hair Freshener*

Size: 236ml

Use DeMert Wig & Weave Herbal Freshener to freshen your hair system between cleanings. Don’t tolerate odor in your hair! Get that new hair feeling as often as you need it with Herbal Freshener.

Your hair collects bacteria throughout the day, both from your own scalp and from the environment. Wig & Weave Herbal Refresher uses natural ingredients like birch extract to neutralize the bacteria that cause odors.

Sage, rosemary and chaparral act as anti-lubricants to cut through clinging oils that can mask odors. Herbal Freshener won’t dry out your hair, or add gunky buildup that can weigh it down.

Try DeMert’s full line of products formulated for processed hair. Wig & Weave Net Spray in aerosol or pump spray bottle gives your look a firm hold without buildup. Wig & Weave Lusterizer & Conditioner softens your hair and leaves you with a lasting, healthy shine.

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