City of Cairns Highland and Irish Dancers

Our Association prides itself in providing professional tuition to students and aims to develop correct technique, discipline and performance skills in a caring learning environment where each student's abilities and strengths are developed individually.











Phone: 0419 785 817


Facebook: City of Cairns Highland and Irish Dancers


Uniform Requirements:

Socks and Dancing Shoes

Highland Dancing Pumps - Highland or Soft and Hard Shoes - Irish.  Dancing Shoes must be worn - bare feet are not acceptable as injuries may occur.


Hair should be neat and tidy at all times - up off the back of the neck.  Fringes must be back off the forehead - cut short or pinned back.

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Corrs Wild Irish Split Sole Ghillie - all sizes
Irish Poodle Socks - (Pink Label) Ankle Length w/Arch Support & Seamless Toe
Irish Poodle Socks - (Blue Label) Ankle Length
Hullachan Pro H4 - Medium Width
Loop Soft Shoe - Ditto Dancewear
Hallmore Soundblaster Hard Shoes
Fays Ultra-Flexi Black Suede Sole - Hi-Tech Heel
Irish Soft Shoe Laces - ROUND - WHITE - 176cm long
PW Dancewear Highland Pump - Full sole
Irish Soft Shoe Laces - ROUND - BLACK - 184cm
Hullachan Boys Reel Soft Shoe
PW Dancewear Highland Pump - Split Sole
Irish Hard Shoe Keyring
Irish Hard Shoe Laces 75cm long - Black & White
Antonia Pacelli I Love Irish Dance Keyring
Irish Soft Shoe Keyring
Irish Soft Shoe Laces - FLAT - WHITE - 181cm long
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