Eireann Academy - Irish Dance

“The Eirann Academy not only provides expert tuition in technical Irish Dance lessons; it is an extended family; a warm and nurturing environment, where teachers share the passion and the joy of this unique dance form with their students”.
- Principal Teacher, Adrian Walker


Principal: Adrian Walker
Phone: 0422 529 008
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Corrs Wild Irish Split Sole Ghillie - all sizes
Antonio Pacelli Irish Poodle Socks - Ultra Low (Green Label)*
Hullachan Pro H4 - Medium Width
Loop Soft Shoe - Ditto Dancewear
Fays Ultra-Flexi Black Suede Sole - Hi-Tech Heel
Hallmore Soundblaster Hard Shoes
Hullachan Boys Reel Soft Shoe
Jig Shoe Strap Replacement Kit - White
Jig Shoe Strap Replacement Kit - Black*
Caitlyn Irish Dance Wig
Caitlyn Irish Dance Wig
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