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Jazz Dancing
Kick Dance offers Jazz ballet classes which are up tempo movements to popular music. They have an emphasis on developing jazz technique and flexibility while encouraging musicality and fitness. Jazz is a fun, expressive form of dance and introduces hip hop and other styles in an enjoyable and social class.  Kick Dance offers eisteddfod work in Jazz and past students have gone on to many professional courses and jobs and enjoyed much success with a solid, technical background. on for uniform requirements.

  • Leotard (choice of 5) worn with shorts or 3/4 leggings
  • Crop top, halter tap or singlet top worn with shorts or 3/4 leggings
  • Kick Dance Track Jacket (unisex)

Boys T-shirt and Shorts

Jazz socks or tights (matte for practice and glossies for performance)...colour SKN

Pull-on caramel jazz shoes

Split sole jazz sneakers optional


Costume Cover for performance.

and check our accessories page for pins, bows and lots more....

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