Irish Dance

Everything you are going to need for Irish Dancing except your dress!  

If it isn't here or you can't find it, just drop us a line.  We can also do custom orders for briefs for under dresses, and we do great teams dresses as well!






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Shoe Accessories


123 results
Ball Tip Fringe Pins (Bulk) - Ditto Dancewear
888 Bobby Pins - 2 sizes
999 Fringe Pins 2 inch (100 pack) - Bronze
999 Premium Bobby Pins (bulk) - Ditto Dancewear
999 Premium Bobby Pins - 3 inch
999 Premium Ripple Pins - 2 inch - Black
999 Premium Ripple Pins - 2 inch - Brown
999 Premium Ripple Pins - 3 inch - Black
999 Premium Ripple Pins - 3 inch - Brown
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AB Crystal Competition Number Clip w/Small Rhinestones
Sold Out
AB Crystal Navette Buckles
AB Diamante 5 Bar Buckle
Sold Out
AB Flower Diamante Buckle
AB Large Squares Buckles
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Loop Soft Shoe - Ditto Dancewear
Antonio Pacelli Deluxe Shoe/Wig Bag
Antonio Pacelli Ultra Low Poodle Socks (Green label)  - Large AB Diamantes
Austrian Crystal Clip On Earrings - AB
Austrian Crystal Clip On Earrings - CLEAR
Austrian Crystal Stud Earrings - Ditto Dancewear
Austrian Crystal Stud Earrings - Black
Austrian Crystal Stud Earrings - Green
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Austrian Crystal Stud Earrings - Light Blue
Austrian Crystal Stud Earrings - Light Pink
Austrian Crystal Stud Earrings - Red
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Black Tape - General Purpose
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Blister Heel Protectors - Black
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Boys Number Clip with Crystal Clear Square Rhinestone
Boys Number Clip with Jet Black Rhinestone
Boys/Girls  Number Clip with Square AB Rhinestone
Bronagh Irish Dance Wig
Bronagh Irish Dance Wig
$100.00 $170.00
Bunheads® Ouch Pouch® - Ditto Dancewear
Bunheads® Ouch-Pouch Jr® - Ditto Dancewear
Sold Out
Bunheads® Pro-Pad® - Ditto Dancewear
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Caitlyn Irish Dance Wig
Caitlyn Irish Dance Wig
$95.00 $150.00
Camelia Rose Anna Irish Dance Full Wig - Long
123 results
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