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Twinkle stars is our ‘Mummy/Daddy and Me’ welcome to all our future stars. Classes develop in children from a very young age a sense of musicality, body awareness, vocal development, interaction with peers and a sense of focus and following directions.  Classes are interactive with parents and incorporate a range or props which engage young children while they experience patterns, beats, mime, song, improvisation and dance and musical terms in a creative and entertaining environment. Parents and children are able to discover the world of Performing Arts together and prepare them for the exciting road ahead …

Twinkle Stars

Girls: Tutu Dress, Leotard, Ballet skirt or bike pants/shorts

Boys: Black singlet and pants/shorts

Ballet shoes or joggers

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Capezio Ribbed Dance Sock - Ballet Pink
Capezio Ribbed Dance Sock - Salmon Pink
Ditto Dancewear Headbands - various colours
Ditto Dancewear Twinkle Tutu Dress - Black
Ditto Dancewear Twinkle Tutu Dress - Jacaranda
Fiesta Legwear Children's Footed Matte Micro Basics Tights - 3 colours available
Future Star Ballet Flat
Sold Out
Leather Ballet Flat - Pink - Childs - Ditto Dancewear
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