World Irish Dance Association (WIDA)

The World Irish Dance Association (WIDA) is a non-profit organisation devoted to promoting Irish dance around the world. Since its founding in 2004, WIDA has developed a global presence and currently includes over 140 schools in 21 countries – and continues to grow at a fast pace!

To promote Irish dance worldwide, WIDA organises competitions, examinations and workshops and strives to bring Irish dance into the hearts and feet of dance enthusiasts, both with and without prior knowledge of Irish dance.

A defining characteristic of WIDA is its friendly and welcoming culture which can be experienced at any WIDA event. Competition is limited to the dance floor, while off the stage every dancer, parent and teacher becomes part of one big WIDA family with a shared love for Irish dance.

UNIFORM - Beginner’s Kit

(Child 4-12) $67.00

(Adult 8+) $74.00

  • Polo Shirt - White
  • Half Circle Pull-on Skirt - Bottle Green
  • Lycra Briefs - Bottle Green
  • Lycra Headband - Bottle Green
  • Championship Length Socks

Purchase a Beginner’s Kit and receive 10% off a pair of Irish Soft Shoes. We recommend Full Sole ‘Loop’ Soft Shoes for beginners.

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Happy Shopping and please CLICK HERE to follow your COSTUME RULES.


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Corrs Wild Irish Split Sole Ghillie - all sizes
Hullachan Pro H4 - Medium Width
Ditto Dancewear Boys/Mens Irish Dance Pants
Loop Soft Shoe - Ditto Dancewear
Irish Poodle Socks - Championship Length
WIDA Half Circle Pull-On Skirt (Child) - Bottle Green*
Irish Teams Dress (Leotard with Attached Skirt) - Adult
Hullachan Boys Reel Soft Shoe
Irish Teams Dress (Leotard with Attached Skirt) - Child
WIDA Half Circle Skirt (Adult) - Bottle Green*
WIDA Irish Briefs (Adult) - Bottle Green
WIDA White Polo Shirt (Child)
WIDA Beginner's Kit (Child Sizes)
WIDA Irish Briefs (Child) - Bottle Green
WIDA Beginner's Kit (Adult Sizes)
WIDA Headband - Bottle Green
WIDA White Polo Shirt (Adult)
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