Oxenham Irish Dance Studio

Catherine and Jennifer Oxenham

TCRG ~ Principal Teachers

Registered with The Irish Dancing Commission & Australian Irish Dancing Association

Mobile: 0412 676 677

Email: oxenhamirishdancers@hotmail.com

Studio Locations:

The Grange, Arana Hills, Samford, Toowoomba, Rockhampton.


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Loop Soft Shoe - Ditto Dancewear
Corrs Wild Irish Split Sole Ghillie - all sizes
Irish Poodle Socks - (Blue Label) Ankle Length
Irish Poodle Socks - (Pink Label) Ankle Length w/Arch Support & Seamless Toe
Oxenham Irish Dance 3/4 Leggings
Oxenham Irish Dance 3/4 Tracksuit Pants
Oxenham Irish Dance Shorts
Oxenham Irish Dance Shorts
From $15.00 $45.95
Oxenham Irish Dance Singlet Top
Oxenham Irish Dance Tracksuit Jumper
Oxenham Irish Dance V-Waist Shorts
Reel Champ Ankle Socks w/Arch Support - Clear Crystal
Reel Champ Irish Ankle Socks w/Arch Support - AB Crystal
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