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We are registered with An Coimisiun – the international governing body of Irish Dancing. ( Professional teachers who are also International Adjudicators offer high levels of traditional Irish dancing technique and develop great levels of fitness, musicality and strength through a wonderful dance form set to toe tapping traditional Irish music. Students can enter competitions on a Local, National and International level. Beginners have access to competitions through our pool of Team costumes purchased through fundraising.

We have enjoyed much success with many State Championship titles in both solo and Ceili events and wonderful National results including National Titles.  However, our emphasis in class is on learning a challenging art form, reaching incredible fitness levels and offering a view into an exciting culture.

AIDA Irish Dancing

Studio Leotard, Irish practice skirt or bike pants, bubble socks

Irish soft shoes

Irish Hard shoes (for advanced students) – please ask for advice before purchasing

Hair secured in bun or ponytail

Grooming is an essential part of our classes and we like to maintain a sense of pride and presentation in our students.

Please ensure that children are well groomed for each class.

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Antonio Pacelli Arch Support Irish Poodle Socks - Ultra Low (Yellow Label)
Antonio Pacelli Gazelle Soft Shoe - black suede sole
Antonio Pacelli Gazelle Soft Shoe - brown leather sole
Antonio Pacelli Irish Poodle Socks - Ultra Low (Green Label)
Corrs Wild Irish Split Sole Ghillie
Fays Ultra Flexi*
Hallmore Soundblaster Hard Shoes
Hullachan Boys Reel Pro Lite Soft Shoe
Hullachan Boys Reel Soft Shoe
Hullachan Pro H4
Irish Jig Shoe laces - 66cm
Irish Soft Shoe Laces - FLAT - WHITE - 181cm long
Irish Soft Shoe Laces - ROUND - BLACK - 184cm
Irish Soft Shoe Laces - ROUND - WHITE - 176cm long
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