Fays shoes are a very established brand in Irish dancing and their Irish dance shoes are highly regarded by many dancers.

The Fay’s Ultra Flexi with black suede sole provides maximum flexibility with the shortest breaking in time. The thin black suede sole shoe combined with 100% calf leather provides the greatest flexibility suitable for experienced dancers, championship dancers, show dancers and teachers and does not need a long breaking in time.

The uppers are made from 100% calf leather and the heels have been shaped with a bulge on the inside so they help with heel clicks.

Standard features:

  • Highest quality Irish Dancing shoe design made entirely with 100% calf leather providing terrific flexibility and durability.
  • Fays High Density Heels screwed on to the shoe for terrific sharp sound and added strength.
  • Molded click heels which aid in easier heel clicks.
  • Flattened toe delivering extra support and balance during toe stands.
  • Made with experience, worn by champions, and guaranteed to last.
  • Superior Hi-Tech heels which deliver terrific sound and have a sharper click.


SIZE GUIDE - Approximate ONLY!

Fays 1 - AU Child 1 

Fays 1.5 - AU Child 1.5

Fays 2 - AU Child 2

Fays 2.5 - AU Child 2.5

Fays 3 - AU Adult 5-5.5

Fays 3.5 - AU 6

Fays 4 - AU 6.5

Fays 4.5 - AU 7

Fays 5 - AU 7.5

Fays 5.5 - AU 8

Fays 6 - AU 8.5

Fays 6.5 - AU 9

Fays 7 - AU 9.5

Fays 7.5 - AU 10

Fays 8 - AU 10.5

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