Hullachan Boys Reel Soft Shoe


Size Range

Foot Measurement (mm)

8.5 156
9 160
9.5 163
10 167
10.5 171
11 175
11.5 180
12 185
12.5 190
13 194
13.5 197
1 200
1.5 203
2 206
2.5 210
3 215
3.5 220
4 225
4.5 231
5 237
5.5 243
6 246
6.5 248
7 252
7.5 255
8 261
8.5 268
9 272
9.5 275
10 279
10.5 285
11 290


·        Clever Insoles - Protects & cushions with a dual layer insole

·        Stronger Leather Uppers - Dramatically reduces the chance of heel tears

·        Reinforced heel area -  Improves heel fit and durability

·        Perforated black suede front sole - Increased flexibility & control

·        Concorde Lite heels - 30% lighter!

The Hullachan boys reel shoe has been designed to meet the demands of modern male Irish dancers.

Designed by Craig Coussins and Antonio Pacelli, it is lighter and stronger than any other boy's reel shoe on the market. 

This is the first boy's reel shoe which has been designed from the ground up to be a boy's reel shoe, rather than adapting existing jazz shoes on the market.

The heel area has been reinforced to provide a secure fit as well as ensuring the shoe has the strength to carry a Championship level heel. 

We have also introduced for the first time, proper cushioning and shock protection into a boy's reel shoe. As with all the new Hullachan Red range, the shoe is fitted with Clever Insoles, which are a dual layer insole which has both shock absorption properties to protect your joints as well as softness for comfort. This is covered in a Camberel lining which helps wick away moisture from the foot.

Hullachan boys reel shoes are also fitted with the Concorde Lite heel which is 30% lighter than our standard Concorde heel. This creates a more balanced shoe and allows you to dance at optimal levels for longer. In our tests, the Concorde heel Lite was louder than our original Concorde heel even though it's lighter!

Another major difference is the sole of the Hullachan. The plastic front sole of the Capezio has been replaced with a black suede sole, similar to some of the girl's pumps, allowing much more flexibility and a better point.

Try the new Hullachan Boys Reel and feel how different a shoe designed just for male Irish dancers feels. You will definitely notice feel the difference!

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