Punky Colour Temporary Hair Colour - Platinum Blonde

Stand out! Blonde it up with our bright and beautiful Punky Colour Temporary Hair Color Spray, Platinum Blonde. A great choice for color lovers who love to experiment and switch up different looks. Features a quick-drying, no-damage formula that easily washes out with one shampoo when you're done. Take it to your next work party thing or school performance for an easy kiss of color whenever you need it. Order yours today and step up your hair game instantly!
  • Blonde In Seconds: Step it up! Give your crown a quick touch of bright blonde shimmer with our Punky Colour Temporary Hair Color Spray, Platinum Blonde! Get your high-fashion glam on right here, right now without the commitment. Your hair, your rules! Total hair color control
  • Spray, Play, Slay: Worry-free color adventure. Go wild with the Punky Colour Platinum Blonde Color Spray! The perfect choice for your crazy-style experiments. Features a safe and gentle quick-dry formula that keeps your hair damage-free.It's vegan-friendly and cruelty-free too! 
  • Instant Glam, Anywhere: Bring the magic everywhere you go! Get solid gold vibes on demand with the brilliant Punky Colour Temporary Hair Color Spray, Platinum Blonde. Comes in handy 3.5 oz spray you can stash in your bag for costume parties or your next music festival. Instant color coverage and touch-ups all day and all night! 
  • One-Shampoo Wonder: Need your natural hair color back on Monday? Hey, we got you! This Punky Colour temp hair color spray easily washes off with just one shampoo. No need for harsh removers or special color removers. Come to work or school with a fresh feeling (then think all day about your next hair color antics). 

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