Rutherford Kerry Gold Pump - Black Suede Sole*



  • Our Black Suede Sole Ghillies are ultra-flexible, which allows it to adapt to any feet, but also durable at the same time.
  • The flexible material, especially the suede sole, means that dancers don’t need to break in the shoe for weeks.
  • We use only the superior quality leather, which the dancers will really feel when they try on our shoes.
  • The leather upper is extremely soft like velvet. It hugs one’s feet like a second skin, allowing for greater confidence in performing the steps.
  • Padded Cushion Insole- The extra padding in the insole provides an additional cushion to dancers who have to perform an intricate routine.

Now available an even more flexible ghillie, with super soft leather upper, and exclusive padded cushion insole providing the dancer with a genuinely comfortable pair of shoes even after hours of practice. The black suede sole is the most flexible on the market...great for toe points and arching the foot, no breaking in necessary. The shoe now comes in velvet soft leather providing even more flexibility and comfort. The shoe is a round toe style and can accommodate most feet.

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